Rachel + Johnny

2 weeks ago I had to privilege of shooting the wedding of a good friend of mine. My buddy Blake and I were tasked with creating the video (which is currently in progress). Throughout the day, I did sneak a few snaps here and there. Thanks again, Rachel and Johnny, for allowing me to be part of your incredibly beautiful and all around awesome day. 

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My Beautiful Sister

My lovely sister asked me to take some senior photos of her. We went to a local park and had a fun few hours making some pretty pictures. A great day and a great subject makes my job easy!

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Hello my friends! 

Welcome to my thoughts, musings and stories!  I watch, listen, think and create all day long and so often I want to share what's in my head with others and now I can. As a visual storyteller, I encounter incredible stories all day long. Funny ones, sad ones and ones that will make you think. This is where I'll share those stories, post ones I've written or analyze what a good story entails. Write back your thoughts and we'll get a conversation going. Stay tuned and I'll try and update this every week!

Here's a snapshot from the latest film we put together called "The Partner". We're waiting on a few more pieces and then it will be completed